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June 30, 2020

3 Big Reasons Why There’s Ice on Air Conditioner Systems

Learn why ice can buildup on your AC unit in the summer

“Why is there ice on my A/C?” It’s a question we at Roth Heating Company hear often—and we want to help you answer it before it leads to bigger cooling and comfort problems this summer. Discover what causes ice on air conditioner units below (as well as how to fix it) and call us at 414-764-4700 for more A/C help.

What Causes Ice Buildup on A/C Units?

Learn why ice can buildup on your AC unit in the summer

Low Refrigerant Levels

Air conditioning refrigerant helps cool down your system’s coils, allowing cold air to pass through and into your home. However, if your refrigerant levels are too low, it can throw off the A/C’s overall temperature. This can cause the formation of ice on A/C coils and on the unit itself.

Unfortunately, if you’re low on refrigerant, it usually means your system has a leak. The good news is that our techs are the best when it comes to air conditioner repair—just contact us for a speedy and precise fix.

Blocked Airflow

A common cause of icy air conditioners is a lack of airflow through the system. Things like dirt or contaminant buildup inside your system can restrict that airflow, causing the cold air to circulate elsewhere. Oftentimes, it ends up producing ice on your air conditioner.

There are a few easy solutions to this problem:

  • Keep your coils and other working parts clean
  • Replace air filters regularly (every one to three months)
  • Schedule a thorough duct cleaning

Mechanical Failure

Sometimes, A/C ice is caused by something much more serious, like damaged motor fans or busted valves. In that case, you’ll need one of our techs to help you replace the part and prevent ice buildup—as well as more serious problems that could result in you needing a new system altogether.

That’s just one reason why we recommend scheduling A/C maintenance. Regular service with us can catch these issues before they worsen and break down your air conditioner, as well as ensures everything is working correctly and efficiently.

Prevent Ice on Air Conditioner Units With Service From Roth Heating

If your system has ice already, or you’re worried about airflow issues, get in touch with us today. As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, we have just what you need for smooth operation—call us at 414-764-4700 in Oak Creek or 262-534-5568 in Waterford.