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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Close Air Registers

Keep your air registers open all year round to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Keep your air registers open all year round to avoid unnecessary repairs.
Closing your air registers sounds like a good idea. It lets less warm and cool air into rooms you barely use and directs more to those you use most often. And because you’re heating and cooling fewer areas, you should be saving money—right? Wrong. If you close air registers, you’re actually increasing the likelihood of higher energy bills and causing damage to your furnace and air conditioner. Keep reading to uncover why the Roth Heating Company experts say to leave your air registers open, no matter what.

It Does More Harm Than Good

Your home comfort systems are powerhouses—they are on call 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to run at a moment’s notice. They are designed with balance in mind, carefully controlling how much air flows into and out of them for top efficiency. When you close off vents, it disrupts this calculated airflow and can cause a number of problems, including:

  • Heat exchanger cracks
  • Lower efficiency
  • Ductwork leaks or bursts
  • Mold and mildew growth

Other issues include increased condensation, compressor failure, or high energy bills because your system can’t run efficiently. Additionally, if your evaporator coil doesn’t get enough airflow, there’s a higher chance it will ice up and stop working.

Instead of Saving Money, You Lose It

Every homeowner wants to save money on their utility bills, but closing air registers does the opposite—it wastes money. The more vents you close, the harder your system has to work to move air through your home. This causes it to use more energy and increases your risk of overheating and breakdowns.

Most homes also have some loss of hot or cold air because of leaky ductwork, and the problem only worsens when you close air registers. The added pressure increases how much air escapes, so you’re left with uncomfortable rooms and more out-of-pocket costs.

Less Comfortable, More Problems

Your home comfort systems are designed to operate a certain way. Unfortunately, closing off registers won’t change how much airflow your system puts out to save money. Instead, it’ll run at full capacity and create hot and cold spots since the air cannot cycle correctly. And because the added pressure amplifies air leaks, there will be less warm and cool air reaching the rooms you actually want it to. It also means your system will cycle on and off incorrectly, leading to more problems, breakdowns, and premature failure.

Long Story Short, Keep Your Air Registers Open for Good

No matter how tempting it might be to close air registers in your rarely used guest room, den, or attic, leave them open—your home comfort system thanks you. And so does your pocketbook since you’ll maintain system efficiency, keep your home comfortable, and reduce your need for repairs.

Still wondering how you can reduce energy bills without sacrificing comfort? Read through our recent blog on ways to save money this winter and our easy, breezy energy-saving tips. And remember you can call us anytime, whether you have a quick question about your Carrier® system or want to schedule service.