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4 Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

Don't ignore furnace noises because it could mean something is seriously wrong with your furnace

Don't ignore furnace noises because it could mean something is seriously wrong with your furnace

Things that go bump in the night are scary, especially if it’s your furnace. Some sounds are normal, but keep an ear open for these four common furnace noises that signify something is wrong. If you hear them, give us a call right away and a seasoned Roth Heating Company technician will be in touch ASAP. Often times, the problem is fixable with a simple same-day repair. But when situations are more serious, they may require a system replacement.

Loud Boom or Bang

A loud boom or bang can signify a few different things—one being a gas buildup inside your system. When this happens, it can crack the heat exchanger, which is expensive and dangerous because it can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. Another possibility is dirty burners, which can cause an ignition delay—gas builds up and creates the “boom” sound when the ignition finally kicks in. Because it’s difficult to tell what the cause is, it’s best to turn your system off and call a pro for help.


If you hear a rattling noise, it’s often a loose front panel or screw. Listen closely to try and locate where the rattle is coming from. You can likely tighten the screw and fix the problem yourself. If you can’t find where it’s coming from, you should call for professional service to ensure it’s not something more serious, like a broken blower wheel or damaged heat exchanger. Both of these problems can be dangerous if left unaddressed.

Scraping Metal

Metal scraping against metal might just be one of the worst sounds you can hear coming from your furnace. If this happens to you, turn your furnace off and call to schedule a professional inspection. It may be a number of issues, including a loose or broken blower fan or blower wheel that needs tightening or replacement. It’s best to get input from a knowledgeable technician to determine the actual cause and fix it right away.

High-Pitched Squealing or Whining

High-pitched squealing or whining noises usually mean a part is worn out, loose, or damaged. Most often it’s a frayed blower belt or malfunctioning blower motor. These common problems need fixing sooner rather than later to avoid further damage or a total breakdown.

Another possible cause is an air leak in your ductwork, which means your warm or cool air is seeping out instead of being distributed around your home. If the leak isn’t too bad, a patch may be possible. If it’s more severe, we’ll replace the ductwork to prevent additional leaks and avoid wasting money on energy bills.

The Roth Heating Experts Have Your Repair Needs Covered

With over 50 years of experience under our belts, there’s no problem our skilled techs can’t fix. We service all furnace makes and models, including Carrier®. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble to have your system diagnosed and repaired in no time. Call 414-764-4700 for our Oak Creek location and 262-534-5568 for our Waterford location.