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6 Easy Energy Saving Tips for Summer

lady saving extra money in a bank

Knowing how to save energy at home is important for every homeowner. At Roth Heating Company, we get that—which is why we’re sharing our top six energy saving tips for summer. Read through our expert advice on lowering cooling costs below, then call 414-764-4700 in Oak Creek or 262-534-5568 in Waterford for service.

Close the Blinds for Lower Energy Costs

lady saving extra money in a bankEspecially in the dog days of summer, the sun can heat up your home quickly. Closing your blinds and curtains during the day to keep out warm sunlight can prevent your home from turning into a sauna. Closed curtains will also help prevent cool air from escaping through any cracks in the windows.

Fans Can Save You, Too

By using fans throughout the house, you can keep cool without having to turn down your thermostat and add to your energy costs. Ceiling fans are great solutions for entire rooms, too. Just make sure the blades are set to rotate counterclockwise to push cooler air down throughout the room.

Adjust Your Thermostat Settings

How low your thermostat is set plays a huge role in how big your summer electricity bill is. For every degree you set your temperature above 72℉, your cooling costs come down about three percent. In general, 72℉ is a good temperature to set your thermostat in the summer—and if you’re comfortable with indoor temps higher than that, you’ll save even more.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

During routine A/C maintenance, Roth Heating’s experts clean and tune your entire cooling system. Inefficient or broken parts are caught and fixed, which makes your A/C more energy efficient and helps you save more.

This is one of our favorite home energy saving tips for two reasons: It ensures your system is safe and efficient, and helps you save money and headaches all season long.

Use Cool Water for Laundry (and Showers)

You may not think about your water heater when it comes to energy costs, but the more hot water you use, the higher your bill could be. To help curb costs, try washing and rinsing your clothes in cold water. And though cold showers aren’t for everyone, taking them can also help your cause (and cool you down after a hot day in the sun).

Consider Upgrading Your Air Conditioner

Today’s air conditioners are more energy efficient than ever before, as they have to meet a minimum efficiency rating (SEER) set by the government. Roth Heating’s pros handle all installations as efficiently as possible—including measuring your home to find the perfect-size unit for you.

For All Things A/C, Count on Roth Heating

As a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, we know exactly what it takes to keep you comfortable at all times. Whether you need more energy saving tips for summer or are ready for a new system, we’re the team you want for service.

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