Our Professional Air Conditioner Installation Makes All the Difference

When the time comes for a new air conditioner installation, there’s no need to stress—call Roth Heating Company for old-fashioned, friendly service that puts your concerns at ease. We only recommend and install energy-efficient, reliable Carrier® systems that are guaranteed to keep you comfortable. In fact, they’re the same ones we trust in our own homes. Just give us a call at 414-764-4700 for our Oak Creek location or 262-534-5568 for our Waterford location. We’ll set up an appointment when it’s convenient for you and provide you with a free estimate to help you budget for your new cooling system. You can also apply for available financing, too.

Oak Creek Homeowners Invest in the Best AC Replacement Service Around

At Roth Heating, we don’t search for the biggest or most powerful air conditioner to keep your home cool. We know a system that’s too big or small won’t operate efficiently and will only leave you with higher energy bills. Instead, our experts consider all the important factors—like home square footage, ductwork, amount and style of windows, and noise level—to ensure we find a system that’s perfect for your needs.

Additionally, every AC installation is handled carefully as if it’s in our own home—we:

  • Suggest unit options that best fit your budget and comfort needs
  • Install it and guarantee the perfect fit with customized ductwork as needed
  • Double check all connections and fittings for correct placement
  • Test your system before leaving to make sure it’s running safely

Remember that our team is never more than a phone call away, so if you have follow-up questions after we’re gone, don’t hesitate to ask.

We’re a Top Choice for Air Conditioner Maintenance in the Milwaukee Area

After installation, your system needs routine inspections and cleanings to keep it going. That’s why homeowners in the Milwaukee area count on our professional air conditioner maintenance. We’ll clean your system, tell you about any existing issues, and fix them before they get worse or cause a breakdown. Maintenance is a surefire way to maintain efficiency and reliability, extend your system’s lifespan, and keep you safe and comfortable for years to come. Give us a call at 414-764-4700 or 262-534-5568 to schedule your appointment or ask us your questions today—like family, we’re always here to help.

did you know?

2 out of 3 U.S. homes have air conditioners

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