Cool Down With Air Conditioner Maintenance From Roth Heating Company

Just like your furnace, your A/C needs regular service to run at peak performance and prevent unexpected breakdowns. At Roth Heating Company, we recommend you keep your home cool with our reliable air conditioner maintenance. In addition to ensuring that safe and efficient operation, it’ll help you save money and headaches all season long.

Annual Service Ensures Energy Efficiency

When servicing your A/C unit, one of our experienced techs clean and tune every part to ensure that everything works like it should. That attention to detail creates a system that uses its energy as efficiently as possible. And no wasted power means lower energy bills for you—and that a system tuneup really pays for itself in the end.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Prevents System Breakdowns

Sometimes, certain parts in your A/C will develop small problems. While they may be minor at first, they’re likely to get worse over time and eventually cause your system to stop working and you to need A/C repair. Although we’re experts in the repair field too, we’d rather save you those headaches during an annual tuneup—part of maintenance is catching those little issues and fixing them before they become big ones.

Routine Checkups Also Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality

Your A/C accumulates dirt, dust, and contaminants as it runs, which can cause the system to lose efficiency and negatively affect your indoor air quality. A standard air filter catches these impurities before they circulate through your house, but it needs to be replaced once every one to three months so it doesn’t get clogged and block airflow. During preventive service, Roth Heating helps you pick out a replacement filter suitable for your home, as well as keep track of filter changes.

Roth Heating Helps Keep Your System Running Year-Round

We know that major costs can come with central air conditioning units—that’s why we encourage regular tuneups to keep them running as long as possible. For energy-efficient, worry-free cooling, contact Roth Heating today—call us at 414-764-4700 in Oak Creek, 262-534-5568 in Waterford, or schedule an appointment online.

did you know?

Each degree warmer you set the thermostat can save you about two percent on energy costs.

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