Alleviate Your Heating Concerns With a Boiler From Roth Heating Company

A boiler is a great option to keep your home warm during cooler months—call Roth Heating Company to discuss your boiler options and see which is perfect for you. Factors to consider when choosing a boiler include efficiency, proper fit, and a perfect installation. We can help you make an informed decision. Our technicians will accurately measure, assess, and identify your home’s needs before selecting and installing your new unit. Don’t risk wasting money and having a broken unit a few years down the road or sooner—have one of our factory-trained and certified techs select a quality boiler for you. We have the expertise and equipment to make sure your home heating unit functions efficiently in terms of cost and life cycle.

We proudly install Carrier brand boilers and service all makes and models. Once we’ve properly installed your new boiler, let Roth Heating continue to care for it with regular maintenance. We encourage preventive maintenance with yearly tune-ups and cleanings—we will make sure everything is operating like it should. If you notice any irregularities in your boiler’s performance such as strange smells or sounds, or inconsistent heating, something is probably wrong. We will find and resolve any problems with your boiler before they become too large and result in costly repairs. Preventive maintenance can make the difference in protecting your budget and your family.

Heat From the Ground up With Hydronic Heating

If you are looking for quiet, cost-effective heating options then search no further—hydronic heating might be perfect for your home. It utilizes warm water to evenly heat your house from the floor up, avoiding inconsistent heating and zoning issues. The benefits don’t stop there. Hydronic heating is also known to better balance humidity levels because it does not dry out the air by circulating it the way typical heating systems do. It prevents dust and allergens from being circulated throughout the house making it a fantastic option for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Equally important, you can operate hydronic heating when you want it, with separate thermostats installed by Roth Heating. Take control of your home comfort and customize each room’s warmth to meet your needs. Everyone dreads standing on cold bathroom tile in the winter—say goodbye to cold floors and hello to warm feet with in-floor heating. It’s also great for chilly basement rec room and sunroom floors.

Our customers consider our name to be synonymous with reliable. We will assess your home and family’s needs, devise a plan for cost-effective and efficient heating, and then repair and maintain your source of heat as needed. You and your home are always protected and cared for by Roth Heating because you’re family.

did you know?

around 55 percent of your home energy consumption can be attributed to your boiler

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