Spring Clean Your Ducts Any Time of Year!

Invest in your family’s health—have Roth Heating Company perform a whole-home duct cleaning. We will clean and remove all of the pollutants that have settled inside them. Duct cleanings are proven to reduce dust, lint, odors, and allergens, and can improve your family’s respiratory health.

In an average year, a six-room home can collect up to 40 pounds of dust just from daily living—which is then recirculated five to seven times a day through regular system use. Our educated technicians will remove these contaminants and clean your ducts to help your unit operate safely and maintain efficiency. We recommend having duct cleanings performed every few years, and annual cleanings for families with allergies or small children. Our expertise and special equipment allows us to professionally clean your ducts and improve your air quality. Duct cleaning by Roth Heating will:

  • Reduce dust, mold, lint, odors, and more for cleaner air—and to prevent allergies
  • Keep home comfort units running efficiently
  • Maintain safe operation of units
  • Remove pollutants being recirculated in the home

We offer thorough duct cleaning services to homeowners and businesses in Waterford, Oak Creek, and the Greater Milwaukee area. Call today at 414-764-4700 to schedule an appointment and speak with one of our friendly professionals.

Specialized Duct Cleaning to Remove Smoke and Water Damage

When damaged homes are left with an odor, our cleaning solution encapsulates the contaminants and removes the odor—rather than just disinfecting them and leaving behind a perfume scent like other solutions. We are handpicked by respected local restoration and insurance companies to clean homes with fire and flood damage where water and smoke gets caught in the ducts.

These odors and pollutants get carried through the home in your ductwork and can cause enough damage to make homes uninhabitable. Our team goes in and does an extensive deep cleaning to remove any and all of these harmful contaminants to get families back into their homes.

did you know?

the average American spends 93 percent of his or her life indoors

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