Choose the Perfect Furnace With Roth Heating Company

Is your home in need of a new boiler or furnace? Call Roth Heating Company today for a professional quote and consultation to determine what heating system is best for your home—most of our technicians are NATE-certified and they’re ready to help you make an informed decision. When selecting a unit, it is crucial that the system is appropriately sized and efficient to avoid over-working and wearing your unit down. If the unit size is incorrectly fit to your home, you may risk overpaying on energy costs. Our technicians can help.

Along with appropriate unit size, proper installation is extremely important in maintaining your furnace’s efficiency and functionality. Our technicians have sheet metal equipment in their trucks so they can expertly fabricate your ductwork on-site to ensure a perfect fit. At Roth Heating, we are there when we say we will be and we don’t leave until the job is done right. Trust in our over 50 years of service in Oak Creek, Waterford, and the Greater Milwaukee area.

If your furnace can be fixed, we will provide an accurate estimate and repair it with expert skill to save you money, but the reality is that all units will eventually need to be replaced. Turn to Roth Heating for your home comfort system investment—we will be mindful of your home, family, and budget. Plus, we will gladly explain your furnace purchase, from your initial call to selecting a high-efficiency Carrier unit, so that you have a complete understanding of your system and how it works. We are happy to provide recommendations and information to put your mind at ease—feel free to ask any questions you might have. You’re in good hands at Roth Heating.

Because a new unit can be the best way to make your home more efficient, we offer free estimates on high-efficiency Carrier furnace installations. We highly recommend Carrier furnaces with QuieTech™ technology built-in because it not only saves on your utility bills, but it lowers overall operation noise. We install in new homes and remodels, and provide yearly maintenance to ensure your unit runs consistently at its peak performance—get the most out of your investment with Roth Heating.

Proper Installation Improves Your Home By:

  • Complying with factory warranties
  • Extending equipment lifespan
  • Operating safely and efficiently
  • Satisfying code expectations
  • Preventing recurrent system malfunctions/breakdowns
  • Lowering energy bills

Getting Into the Zone at Roth Heating

Is there a room in your home that is particularly drafty or not warming up like it should be? Not using certain rooms as much as others? These situations can cause your home comfort systems to overcompensate, costing you more money. Give Roth Heating a call so we can come and address the issue. Our senior technicians have over 20 years of experience plus the skillset needed to address your issues with zoning. They will help you take control of your home comfort by regulating airflow and increasing your unit’s efficiency.

Installing room-by-room thermostats and automatic dampers in the ducts allows you to manage the temperatures in different areas of your house by minimizing unnecessary cooling and heating costs, and maximizing your unit’s efficiency. Customize your comfort with zoning attention from Roth Heating—it can even save you up to 30 percent on your energy bills!

did you know?

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