Keep Your Home Toasty and Warm With Roth Heating Company

Continued upkeep of your furnace unit is highly recommended and the experts here at Roth Heating Company are up for the job. Preventive maintenance is the key to protecting your furnace and enabling it to run its full life cycle—get your money’s worth out of your home comfort system with Roth Heating. Regular maintenance ensures that your furnace stays operating and functional all year long—save money by allowing our techs to catch problems before they cause serious issues.

Roth Heating keeps an eye on things for you so you can focus on what’s important. We will come by yearly for cleaning, filter changing, tune-ups, and scheduled maintenance—we can also take care of any repairs. Our techs can recommend filters and change them to catch impurities in the air before your furnace circulates them throughout the house.

Because preventive maintenance is so important, the recommended interval for filter changing is every six to 12 months, but if you have pets, allergies, or allow smoking indoors the filter may need changing more frequently. Regular media filters need to be replaced twice a year and have an average rating, which means contaminants get into your system more easily. While more expensive, HEPA filters keep your units cleaner by catching 99.97 percent of contaminants and need replacing just once a year. If you’re unsure, let us offer our recommendations for your home and system. Never hesitate to call with any questions, service issues, or concerns you might have–we are eager to help.

If It’s Broken, We’ll Fix It—You Can Count on Us

We offer 24-hour emergency repair service on all furnace makes and models—when trouble strikes, we’ll be there for you. Home comfort systems wear down over time and will most likely require repairs. Smell something odd? Is your energy bill sky high this month? We can help. Choose Roth Heating for trustworthy, honest furnace service. We will skillfully repair your unit and not charge you a penny more than is fair. Every job is estimated accurately because we don’t believe in charging a flat rate—it’s just another way we show our pride through our top customer care.

Our goal is to keep your family safe and comfortable as if they are our own. That’s why if we recognize that the total cost of repairs is not as cost-effective as a new unit, we will help you select a new, high-efficiency Carrier furnace and install it. You are our priority and we will always do what is best for your home and family.

did you know?

the average furnace will last for 15 years with proper maintenance

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