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Goodbye Dust, Hello Clean: Why You Need a Duct Cleaning

If you’re not sure whether you need your ducts cleaned or not, give us a call

Cleaning dust in homeDoes your home seem dustier than usual? Allergy symptoms bothering you even though it’s winter? It might be time for a whole-home duct cleaning. In one year, a six-room home can collect up to 40 pounds of dust. This dust gets trapped inside your ductwork and cycles through your home every time your heating or cooling system runs. That means your indoor air quality may not be as clean as you think. Have the Roth Heating experts inspect your home and determine if you need to have your ducts cleaned.

When ductwork becomes clogged with dirt, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants, your system’s efficiency is reduced causing your energy bills to rise. It can also cause frequent system breakdowns and shorten its lifespan. In severe cases, clogged ductwork can even cause your family to feel ill because of the high contaminant levels. You should have your ducts cleaned if you:

  • Have lived in your home for 3+ years and never had them cleaned
  • Smoke inside or have pets
  • Suffer from allergies or asthma
  • Have a home renovation project going on
  • Notice dust flying out of the vents when your system turns on

If you’re not sure whether you need your ducts cleaned or not, give us a call. Our Carrier technicians will assess your ductwork and make an honest recommendation.

Our Duct Cleaning Service Raises the Bar

We also offer duct cleaning services to remove smoke and water damage. We work with a number of Milwaukee-area insurance and restoration companies to fully restore damaged homes, not just mask the odor left behind. We use a cleaning solution that fully envelops contaminants to remove the odor rather than using a perfumed solvent.

Remember that duct cleaning is not a DIY project—it takes specialized equipment and professional service to be done correctly. When you’re due for your next cleaning, go with the experts at Roth Heating to make sure it’s done right. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.