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Here’s Why a Wi-Fi Thermostat Is Key to Efficient Home Heating

The key to efficient home heating is a wi-fi thermostat

Being able to control your home from your smartphone is today’s norm, from turning on lights to locking your doors. A Wi-Fi thermostat helps homeowners take further advantage of the convenience by enabling you to set and schedule your home’s temperature without even being there. But did you know these devices can actually help save you on energy costs, too? It’s true—the pros at Roth Heating Company break down exactly how in this blog.

Control Temperature

The key to efficient home heating is a wi-fi thermostatSay you’re running late in the morning—and you forget to lower your home temperature on your way out. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can log in from your office (or anywhere) and instantly lower it, cutting down on the cost of heating a house you won’t use for eight hours. By dialing back the temperature seven to 10 degrees for the day, you can save as much as 10 percent on heating costs.

Zone Your Home

Everybody has those rooms that just aren’t used as often, whether it’s a guest bedroom or unfinished basement. By setting Wi-Fi thermostats in multiple areas (you can monitor up to eight different spaces), you can “zone” your home—control temps on a room-to-room basis. That way, you only have to spend energy heating areas you use, not on the ones you don’t.

Set a Regular Temperature Schedule

Even though you can log in and control your indoor temperature from anywhere, it doesn’t mean you have to. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can set a regular schedule, so you don’t even have to touch the dial. The thermostat can automatically turn down the heat when you leave for work in the morning and have it cranked back up by the time you get home. That regular schedule helps you save more on energy costs too, as you don’t have to constantly fiddle with the dial to find your ideal comfort level.

Track Usage in Real Time

Perfect for those who get excited about data, Wi-Fi thermostats help you keep track of how much energy they use in real time. You can check how much energy your heating and cooling systems consume on an average day or week and zero in on the days and times that use it the most. From there, you can come up with a plan to reduce those costs.

Keep Up With Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about other energy-saving methods, such as routine furnace maintenance. Thankfully, a Wi-Fi thermostat has that handled—it sends you scheduled maintenance notifications so you can remember to book an appointment. And we all know how regular maintenance can help boost your heating system’s energy efficiency and help you avoid repairs in the future. Wi-Fi thermostats even have dirty air filter detection, a lesser-known culprit of high energy consumption.

For Smart Temperature Control and so Much More, Call Roth Heating

At Roth Heating, our work is our passion. We always go the extra mile to help you improve your home comfort and protect your health, which is why installing and maintaining your Wi-Fi thermostat is one of our many specialties. Our pros can install these units wherever you want, as well as handle all repair and maintenance jobs, from Carrier® furnaces and boilers to air conditioners. For total home control and comfort, call us today at 414-764-4700 or contact us online.