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Here’s Why HVAC Unit Size Is So Important

Let the experts at Roth help you select the proper HVAC unit for you home

Let the experts at Roth help you select the proper HVAC unit for you homeDespite what you’ve heard about furnaces and air conditioners being “one size fits all,” it’s just not true. Nor is bigger always better. Every home has its own unique comfort needs and should have comfort systems that are sized accordingly. The only way to keep your family truly comfortable is with a system recommendation from a professional, like Roth Heating Company. Here’s why HVAC unit size makes all the difference and what could happen if yours isn’t quite right.

What Happens If Your System Is Too Big?

Homeowners often think the larger the system, the warmer or cooler their home will be. In actuality, oversized systems never cycle correctly because they don’t have the space to do so. They short cycle, meaning they shut down and restart far too often and quickly. This wears your system out and leaves you with high energy bills, an uncomfortable home, and an early replacement.

What If It’s Too Small?

Similarly, if your system is undersized, you’ll experience uneven temperatures throughout your home and never feel warm or cool enough. A system that’s too small doesn’t have enough power for your space, so it has to work twice as hard to keep up with your comfort needs. That means higher energy bills because your system is running almost nonstop. This overworking often results in a shortened lifespan so you’ll wind up replacing it too soon.

Trying the Right Unit on for Size

When it comes to buying a new system for your home, not just any heating or cooling system will do. You have to account for square footage, climate zone, ductwork, amount and style of windows, heat-generating appliances, and other factors that directly affect how comfortable you feel at home.

Leave it to one of our NATE-certified professional technicians to find a unit that’s perfectly matched to your home, while keeping your family’s comfort needs in mind. We’ll follow all the right steps, including:

  • Calculating the square footage of your home to ensure we only suggest a system that can handle your space
  • Asking about your comfort concerns and requests—this will help us select a unit that comes with the features you need
  • Recommending an energy-efficient Carrier® system that will help you save money on monthly energy bills
  • Installing your new unit perfectly to ensure it runs effectively and efficiently and is keeping your entire home comfortable

Done correctly, every room in your home will feel comfortable and your heating and cooling systems will run better for longer.

Shop for a New System With Size in Mind

Don’t risk the wrong system size when a single appointment with Roth Heating guarantees the perfect fit. Give us a call or contact us today to discuss your new system. We’ll go over your options, figure out which system is right for your home, and guarantee a perfect installation to keep you safe and comfortable at home.