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Hydronic Heating—the Key to Controlled Home Comfort

Hydronic heating is an energy-efficient way to evenly heat your home

In the winter, staying warm on a budget can often be hard for homeowners. Furnaces are the most traditional home heating system, but they don’t always provide even temperatures from room to room, leading to inefficient heating and higher energy bills. Thankfully, a hydronic heating system, like the ones Roth Heating Company installs, provides a cost-effective solution.

What Is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating is an energy-efficient way to evenly heat your homeAlso known as radiant in-floor heating, hydronic heating uses a boiler to pump hot water through tubing installed in your floor. The hot water circulates and generates heat, which rises to radiate heat evenly over your home, eliminating problems with hot and cold spots along the way.

What Are the Benefits of Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating can boost your home comfort in several different ways:

  • Helps you feel more comfortable. In addition to eliminating hot and cold spots, the even heating also balances humidity in the air, which goes a long way in fighting off dry winter air. It’s also quiet and easy to control. Plus, it’ll keep your floors nice and warm—a great feature to have during chilly winter mornings.
  • Keeps your indoor air healthier. As its name suggests, forced-air heating systems push warm air through your home using ducts and vents. However, it also circulates dust and allergens, which can pollute your indoor air and possibly make you sick. Hydronic systems don’t need to move any air for warmth, so there’s far less circulation of contaminants.
  • Increases energy efficiency. Because water is a better heat conductor than air, it carries warmth better through a house. That efficiency means you don’t have to fiddle with your thermostat to stay warm, so you can save more money on energy bills. In fact, studies show that energy costs are 20 to 40 percent lower in homes with hydronic heating than homes with a more traditional furnace.

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