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UV Lights 101: Our Pros Share Everything You Need to Know

UV Lights rid your home of airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses

UV Lights rid your home of airborne mold, bacteria, and virusesLet’s shed some light on one of the safest ways to rid your home of airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses. UV lights, that is. How does this scientific wonder promote cleaner, healthier air inside your home all year long? Find out with some illuminating information and practical advice from Roth Heating Company.

What is UV light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that has enough energy to break down chemical bonds. It’s known for making black-light posters glow and causing suntans and sunburns. In some settings, UV light can be dangerous—but in others, it’s proven incredibly effective at disinfecting surfaces. That’s why since the discovery that UV lights can treat tuberculosis back in 1903, it’s been widely adapted as one of the safest sterilization methods across many industries, including healthcare and food service.

How do UV lights purify air?

UV lights work against airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses at the cellular level to sterilize them as soon as they come in contact with the light rays. Because these organisms can’t reproduce, they die off and indoor air becomes cleaner. For example, a Duke University Medical Center study used UV lighting against medicine-resistant bacteria in 50 hospital rooms. These UV rays reduced the bacteria by more than 97 percent!

How do UV lights work in your home?

A certified technician strategically installs UV lights inside your ducts and near your air conditioner’s air handler and coil. This sterilizes all the organic particles that pass through your HVAC system and purifies your indoor air.

Are UV lights right for you?

Especially with Greater Milwaukee’s changing seasons, there are several reasons why homeowners benefit from adding UV lights to their heating and air conditioning systems:

  • Safe and chemical-free. Unlike spray disinfectants, UV lights are a chemical-free way to eliminate odors and airborne contaminants in your home. Sprays don’t stay airborne long, plus they can release hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.
  • Better airflow. UV lights do more than improve indoor air quality—they also improve airflow in your system, too. It prevents microbial buildup on your filters, coils, drain pans, and duct surfaces, which keeps your system clean and working at its best.
  • More energy efficient. How does a 35-percent reduction in your energy consumption sound? Installing UV lights promotes this level of energy efficiency because it keeps your HVAC system working optimally.
  • Cost-effective. Something to keep in mind is that UV lights only work properly under the right conditions. Make an appointment so one of our technicians can determine if your home is a good fit for UV lights. If so, it’s worth the investment in terms of health-related benefits and cost savings. Adding UV lights to your HVAC system can also boost your home’s resale value.

Now That You’re Enlightened, Live Healthier With Help From Roth Heating

Want to breathe easier and live healthier with UV lights in your HVAC system? Explore your options with a no-obligation consultation from Roth Heating. As an authorized and award-winning Carrier® dealer, we’ve been maximizing comfort in homes like yours since 1969.