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Why Whole-Home Humidifiers Are All the Buzz

Family Inside House with Whole Home Humidifier in Winter

Family Inside House with Whole Home Humidifier in Winter

As a homeowner, chances are you’ve heard about whole-home humidifiers, whether from friends, family members, or neighbors. These indoor air quality systems are all the buzz in the heating and cooling industry and not just because they improve your comfort. Whole-home humidifiers offer a number of other benefits that might surprise you, and the Roth Heating Company experts tell you all about them below.

Here’s to a Whole-Home Humidifier and Better Health

Indoor air quality is important—especially during winter months when you spend more time inside and illnesses spread easily. Whole-home humidifiers play an important role in helping your family get and stay healthy. They:

  • Stop the spread of germs—cold- and flu-causing germs thrive in dry conditions. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent these microbes from getting too comfortable and multiplying in your home.
  • Help you breathe easier—combat runny, stuffy noses, sinus congestion, coughing, and sore throats with a humidifier. They moisturize your sinuses, throat, and lungs to minimize irritation and also improve airflow.
  • Reduce snoring—because a humidifier keeps your nasal passages and respiratory system from drying out, people often snore less and enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Keep skin healthy—if you need moisturizing products in the winter to keep skin hydrated, you could use them less after having a humidifier installed. The added humidity keeps skin from drying out, flaking, itching, and cracking.

Add Humidity, Subtract From Energy Bills

Our customers are often surprised to learn that adding a whole-home humidifier can drastically reduce their energy bills. How? Because added humidity retains heat and helps you feel comfortably warm even at lower temperatures. That means you can bump your thermostat down a few degrees to save on energy bills and still feel comfortable without having to bundle up in extra layers.

Safeguard Your Stuff and Stop the Shocks

Did you know that overly dry air can damage the finishes and furnishings in your home? Keep wood furniture and flooring from shrinking, warping, and cracking by adding more humidity. Added moisture will also keep photos, posters, and books from wrinkling and becoming brittle. And because cool, dry air creates a lot of static electricity, a humidifier can reduce annoying, uncomfortable shocks.

Add a Whole-Home Humidifier to Feel More Comfortable at Home

The benefits of a whole-home humidifier are something you should experience for yourself. Addressing the humidity aspect of your home comfort now will make you a whole lot more comfortable this winter and also save you money. Learn more about these impressive systems and other Carrier® indoor air quality products from our pros—contact us or call 414-764-4700 for our Oak Creek location and 262-534-5568 for our Waterford location.